What is NEXSO?

A community-driven marketing platform where innovative solutions with social impact meet the development market in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Mission & Vision


is a community-driven platform that promotes solutions for social impact. The platform will increase systemic social, environmental and economic impact through promoting and marketing innovative solutions for the development community in Latin America and the Caribbean.


connects project designers, businesses, public stakeholders, investors & others with each other and provides a space for sharing solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of projects.


vision is to be a unique one-stop shop for social innovators, development stakeholders & entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean, connecting individuals & organizations with opportunities & funding resources.


a public good built by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), member of the IDB Group, complements the existing MIF project process by providing designers with access to a library of high quality solutions as well as a template for creating new solutions. This new approach uses the MIF project life cycle to create a continuous feedback loop where intelligence gained from one project informs the design of another. The net effect on NEXSO and international development generally will be the elevation of expected outcomes through more intelligent input at the design process of the project.