• Specific ideas & solutions

    Crowdsource the best ideas and solutions related with your theme of interest.

  • An engaged community

    Exposure to a growing community of social innovators.

  • Expand your network

    Contact with multilateral development organizations, investors, and key decision makers.

  • Unique landing page

    Establish a profile as a leader in your sector with a unique landing page for online challenges aligned with your mission and interests

  • Easy review of solutions

    Ability to spotlight opportunities for projects, investment, mentorship and networking.

  • Priority access to innovations

    Priority access to investment-grade innovations that are sourced, ranked, and evaluated by NEXSO team.

The time it takes to complete a challenge varies depending on scale, length of time, and level of customization required. The table below is a guide.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Months
Preparation Entry Evaluation Post Selection
Define and frame challenge, develop technology, build database, marketing tools, and landing page. Receive submissions, provide user support and troubleshooting. Evaluate submissions, identify short list, coordinate final selection process with sponsors and/or judges. Announcement of winner(s), report to sponsor on results.

Partner responsibilities

  • Prize

    A funding envelope and/or prize for the thematic challenge you will run with NEXSO.

  • Co-financing

    Co-financing for the cost of running a challenge.

  • Partnership

    A close working relationship on the marketing strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Previous partners include Avina, Japanese Special Fund Poverty Reduction Program and Fundación Mi Sangre. Contact us for more information on being our next partner.