Shoot to Live Capturing Communities Pride & Pain

Whereas academics is an aberration among youth in crime ridden community a camera is not, this project teachers persons how to effectively shoot photographs and videos to generate an income.


Port of Spain and its immediate environs have a higher crime rate than any other part of Trinidad. Homicides countrywide rose from fewer than 50 in the 1980s, to 97 in 1998, then to 360 in 2006 (30 murders per 100,000 persons). It rose to approximately 529 in 2008. These communities have lower income and education levels, high unemployment when compared against the national average.


The solution is innovative because i. Residents are able to now tell their own story uncensored through photography and videography thus potential make an income ii. it does not require participants to have an educational background. iii. it provide life, conflict management, and mentor-ship training


The gains of from implementing this solution are firstly it develop a culture within the community that promotes togetherness pride and community and individual self-worth Secondly is assist with the reduction of crime and youth delinquency within the community Thirdly it Improves the marketability of youths in the labour market Fourthly is Increase youth participation and involvement in the community affairs. Lastly facilitate new community business such as magazine and video production.

Implementation Details

4 days @ 3hrs = 12 hrs per week. 48 hrs monthly x 9 months = 432 (Contact) hrs

Budget Details

Per Person - Each course requires a minimum of 20 and maximum of 30 people Cost per person - $1500

Duration Details

Year 1: 20 participants at four (4) communities between the ages of 15-25 years Year 2: 20 participants at four (4) communities between the ages of 15-25 years Year 3: 20 participants at four (4) communities between the ages of 15-25 years 60 (participants) x 4 (communities) = 240 participants for the 3 years

Additional Information

The project also has an entrepreneurial component that ensures after the first cohorts a community based group is registered and they will oversee quarterly magazine publications and annual gallery sale and mini movie.