(*) By Juan Luis Landaeta

In 2010, Fundacion Territorio Joven launched its activities providing music workshops to young people, but as time passed by, they discovered there were new needs: Caldas area in Colombia was nationally recognized by its symphonic orchestra. Music vibrates within the young people, so they decided to focus on musical entrepreneurship, providing tools that will allow the musicians to create scalable business models.

One of the first problems identified was that the personal musical projects are not impactful. Dozens of bands, composers, and groups, see their productions fail which causes deception. Part of the hardship is caused by the fact that the artist or group relays on the CD format, while the internet is offering new alternatives to spread their product.

This is how the purpose of the Fundacion became offering digital tools for young people to provide them with technical knowledge that will allow them to insert themselves in the world with equal opportunities. The Solution generated musical entrepreneurships that included various stages like promotion, audiovisual production, and on-line distribution.

We want to consolidate lives’ projects around music, make it viable and sustainable, not just a hobby. Our idea is to boost its leadership as voices for peace and peaceful living. The artist is a leader and a social communicatorsaid Paula Andrea Valdés, Chief of Communications of Fundación Territorio Joven.

Fundacion Territorio Joven’s dynamic is divided in two phases. The incubation phase, that includes business studies around the musical industry, cultural marketing, and web promotion. While in the acceleration stage, a mentoring guide is assigned to accompany the action plans, the development of audiovisual pieces for videoclips, and others.

Among the successful groups, there is a great variety of musical trends, from mestizo rock with “Senor Coffee” to a punk gospel phenomenon called “One” and “Per morte de anserma”.

For the future Fundacion Territorio Joven wants to consolidate a platform that shares a positive message of caring for the environment and of cultural preservation. Creativity and artistic expression should continue to provide a path to peace for the young people of the region.

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(*) Collaborator. Writer and Ambassador of Ashoka Venezuela in New York. He is a lawyer from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and is currently part of the Creative Writing Master Degree of New York University. Associate Editor of ViceVersa Magazine.